SlicePay is Payvision's proprietary solution that allows our merchants to split funds among multiple recipients. The solution is platform-independent and can be used via the SlicePay API.

To find out more about this proposition please contact your account manager.


The SlicePay solution consists of two components:

  • The Slice module: facilitating the process of splitting funds and transferring funds within the merchant’s account structure.
  • The recipient database: Our solution to store all recipients of the platform, allowing simple onboarding, initial and ongoing semi-automated KYC checks and recipient management.

Account structure

Each SlicePay merchant follows the account structure below, with dedicated virtual accounts:

Acapture Trusted Bank Account

Platform Account

Platform Bank Account

Recipient Account

Recipient Bank Account

SlicePay Components

In the diagram below you can see the SlicePay components.

SlicePay - Components

SlicePay - Components


SlicePay is only available to merchants with an active SlicePay profile. If you don’t have an account yet, please contact our sales department or your account manager directly.
At this point we only accept vetted merchants operating in the EU and processing in defined currencies. Please contact your account manager to see if you qualify.

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