Payment link is a solution to generate secure links for payments collection. You can create links (or invoices) for a specific amount, expiration date and mix of payment methods and share them with your customer. When the customer clicks the link, a checkout with the requested payment methods is displayed to collect the payment.

The link can be embedded into emails, chat messages, social media, printed onto an invoice or shown as a QR code and allows your customer to complete their payment when they are ready.

Payment link workflowPayment link workflow

Payment link workflow

1. Request a Payment link

Use our API to get a new unique payment link. You can set the description, amount, currency, expiration date and the payment method(s) you would like to offer. Please review the API Reference.

2. Share the link via any channel

You can share the link via any channel. Paste it behind a hyperlink in an email, direct message or chat; print it on an invoice or convert it into a QR code for easy scanning with mobile devices.

3. Customer completes payment

There are two options available regarding customer payment completion:

3.1. Full redirected checkout

When your customers open the link, they are redirected to a checkout to complete the payment associated with the Payment link. The payment occurs on the Payvision platform so no sensitive data is posted to your server, leveraging PCI responsibilities to the Payvision platform.

3.2. Embedded checkout

Payment link offers an alternative implementation for the customer checkout process. By using the Payment link customization library, you can embed the Payment link checkout into your page hosted in your own domain. Our hosted checkout is loaded into an iframe within your page. Seeing your brand identity and URL in the browser address bar builds trust for your customer whilst the use of an iframe ensures the merchant has a PCI concerns-free integration.

Additionally, the customer is allowed to decline the payment link, in case they disagree with the payment request. This option can be disabled by using the payment link customization library.

4. You will get notified on the status of the payment

Upon completion, you will get notified via our webhooks system. This allows you to directly fulfill the order or to initiate the shipping processes.

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