Recipient Database

The Recipient Database contains all parties active on a Merchant’s platform that will receive payouts for sold services or goods.

Type of Recipients

We accept both personal and business accounts:

  • Personal accounts: individuals selling goods or services on a platform. Maximum payout could be capped in certain jurisdictions after which a business account may become a prerequisite to comply with local laws and regulations. Your account manager can clarify which personal accounts are accepted for your business.
  • Business accounts: companies and legal entities.


You can use our POST Recipients call to add new recipients to your platform in seconds. To create a recipient, you simply post a new recipient with the required fields as described in the API reference. After this, you can assign a BankAccount to the Recipient ID.
After onboarding a recipient, you can instantly slice to this recipient and the recipient can build up a balance.
See our API reference to review all required fields to onboard new recipients.
Use the GET recipients list call to get a full overview of the assigned recipients in your account, or the GET Recipients/{id} to get the details of the individual recipient.

In the diagram below you can see the onboarding process used by SlicePay.

SlicePay - The onboarding processSlicePay - The onboarding process

SlicePay - The onboarding process

KYC (Know your Customer)

To comply with EU and local Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Funding regulations, Payvision is required to validate all active parties on our platform. This means that we will perform various checks on all recipients onboarded to your platform. To minimize the impact of these checks on your operations, we have defined the following tiers of checks and payout restrictions for your recipients.
Please contact your account manager to discuss the tiers and respective KYC information required for business or personal recipient accounts.


You can retrieve the balances available for payout in each currency or each recipient.


To payout the balance, you will POST a payout request for the Recipient ID. SlicePay currently only supports payouts of the full available balance of a recipient to its linked bank account.

Upon the payout instruction, SlicePay validates if there is a positive balance for the recipient and if all required KYC information is available and validated.
Payvision may block, pause or limit payouts to recipients if the provided information is not valid or if the recipient does not pass the required KYC checks at any time. Payouts may also be suspended when the yearly tier-threshold has been passed and additional information is required to move the recipient to the next tier.

For more information, please contact your account manager.

Bank Account Status

A recipient's bank account can have one of the following statuses assigned:

Payout Allowed
One or more required (KYC) fields are missing for the recipient.
Recipient is checked and can get paid up to the tier level.
Recipient is blocked for payouts by Payvision or by the Platform.

Platform Account

The platform account represents the platform balance in the virtual account with Payvision. The account can support multiple currencies.
For some merchants, the platform account will have a minimum balance (per currency).
Platform balances are remitted as per individual agreement.

Recipient Account Balance

The recipient account represents the balance of each individual recipient linked to the SlicePay platform. The recipient account can support multiple currencies. The recipient balance cannot be lower than 0.
The remittance of the balance (see: payout ) is always done in full to the linked bank account of the currency and only upon the request of the platform. The remittance of the funds is a billable event.

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