Slicing is the process of distributing funds to various recipients.

Slice Group

A SliceGroup is a container for all transactions that are linked to one event or order.
As a merchant, you can create a SliceGroup and assign transactions to it. Once the transactions are confirmed, the group receives a balance. This balance can be transferred or 'sliced’ to your recipients and to the platform account.

A SliceGroup is created by the platform and has assigned an ID and optionally, a balance. If a balance is credited to the group, by default, the balance is funded from the Platform Account and thus cannot be higher than the available balance in the platform account.

The platform can also assign a Coupon to the SliceGroup, which also cannot be higher than the available balance, and the amount will not be refunded to the platform with incoming transactions, and can be used for marketing purposes, for example.

The SliceGroup cannot have a negative balance and only supports one currency.

Payment Group

SlicePay works independently from payments processed via Payvision's Checkout or Server-to-server calls. All transactions made by merchants with a SlicePay account will be grouped in so-called payment groups. Payments processed can then be assigned to a SliceGroup and processed in the SlicePay sequence.
Any SliceGroup that is funded by the platform account upon creation will be paid-off once a transaction is assigned to the group.

All transactions in the payment group should be assigned to a SliceGroup in order to be processed. At this point, auto-assignment of the transactions to a group is not supported.
For merchants with the need to operate in the scope of PSD2 regulations, all transactions in a transaction group are in theory a liability towards the consumer who initiated the initial transaction.

Return Group

Return groups are similar to Payment groups but contain all refunds and chargebacks for the platform.
All returns are by default a liability of the platform, and are a debit to the platform balance. The platform can assign a refund to a Slicegroup to credit the platform account. If the Slicegroup does not have sufficient funds, the platform shall first debit the relevant recipient account(s) related to the refund, and then assign the refund to the group.


A slice instructs the system to debit a SliceGroup and credit a recipient for the amount defined in the instruction. The slice cannot exceed the SliceGroup balance.

Platform Slice

A platform slice instructs the system to debit the SliceGroup and credit the platform account for the amount and currency defined in the instruction. The amount cannot exceed the available balance of the SliceGroup.

SlicePay Flow

SlicePay - FlowSlicePay - Flow

SlicePay - Flow